J Harris


Infrastructure design should work with human psychology to anticipate human behavior and provide safe facilities. It is great that the I-10 Widening Project includes multi-use paths and walkways for cyclists and pedestrians along Acadian Thruway, connecting TJ Ribs to the Saltgrass by crossing Dawson Creek, and along Nairn Bridge. Thank you for considering bicyclists and pedestrians by offering routes that are safer because they avoid the motorist traffic entering and exiting I-10. However, pedestrians will often take the shortest route to their destination, which will usually be directly alongside the surface street or along an arterial road with business and civic destinations. Please do not provide these other options at the expense of adding sidewalks alongside Acadian Thruway and College Drive. Robust pedestrian infrastructure (including high visibility marked crosswalks and pedestrian signals) is needed alongside all surface streets that include interchanges with I-10. Pedestrians should not be shortchanged, as they are the most likely to die in a collision with a motorist.


Thank you for your comments. Concepts for Acadian are incomplete at this time, we will take your suggestion under advisement.