Donna Roppolo


Construction questions:
1. When do you anticipate expansion to begin on the interstate alongside of Estates Road?
2. What is the projected duration of construction for this phase, which includes I-10 expansion alongside Estates Road?
3. Will construction take place all day and all night alongside Estates Road? I am self-employed and work from my home. Disturbances will be damaging to my career and income.
4. I understand that the new shoulder requirement is 12 feet, new additional lane is 12 feet, 5 feet is necessary behind sound wall for maintenance. I was told that the sound wall will be at worst only 8”-0” from the existing chain link fence. If so, there is only 3’-0” of land behind that. So what are ALL other clearances, and will these items be included in the residential area in front of my house on Estates Road that runs alongside I-10? This would include space between shoulder and sound wall? Thickness of sound wall? Space allowed for crash barrier from shoulder? Thickness of crash barrier? Any other setbacks or requirements? If so, how much? I do not see how there is that much land owned by DOTD right of way.
5. When will someone be notified if their home will be physic+F376:F377ally impacted? And how will they be notified?
6. I am self-employed and work out of my home. I am concerned about the disturbances to my work on a daily basis. I rely on my income and fear the disturbances due to construction will impair my productivity and destroy my business and income. I fear I will be at a significant loss during the construction phase. What are requirements for financial assistance and inconveniences to businesses that are impacted by construction?
7. Does DOTD temporarily relocate homeowners that are affected by construction?
8. I REQUEST IF AT ALL POSSIBLE TO ERECT THE SOUND WALL ALONG ESTATES ROAD PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION. Once foliage and chain link fence is removed along Estates Road for the interstate construction to begin, what kind of security and privacy will be implemented for our families on Estates Road? Some of our homes are within 30-50 feet of construction and will be totally exposed and accessible to those 170,000 vehicles every day with the addition of the construction workers. There is at least 1 vehicle, car, truck or 18 wheeler broken down on I-10 in front of my house weekly. I have lived in my home for 18 years. I am a single woman. I have had people break down in front of my home, jump the chain link fence and knock on my door for assistance, no matter the time. Also, I walk my dog, work in my yard, and just driving into my driveway will expose me to the open public at all hours. How will I feel secure and be secure, not only from the drivers, but construction workers as well. And if construction is only during the day, protection and safety is even a bigger concern at night.


1 – The construction phasing plan is not final, as this is the environmental phase. 2 – Order of and duration of construction phases are determined during the design phase. At this time, it can be indicated that the duration of construction for this particular area will be less than the total project time-frame. 3 – Construction hours are typically similar to a standard working day. For this project, construction in some areas will occur during the overnight hours. At this stage of the project, there are no final details on construction phasing/sequecing and timing; however, as this is an interstate construction project, nighttime work is a possibility. 4 -The potential right-of-way requirements were further clarified by DOTD on May 18, 2018 as follows: 5 feet from an elevated structure, 10 feet from the at-grade roadway where there is no noise barrier, and 1.5 feet from the back of a noise barrier. Behind the noise barriers, there is an additional 8.5 feet required for a construction servitude. These servitudes include what is necessary for construction operations. The construction servitude will be returned to the property owner upon completion. 5-If the project is approved to move forward (after the current environmental phase), ROW maps will be developed, funding will be approved, and DOTD will contact property owners with a “general letter,” which is a notice to property owners advising that the project has been programmed for construction and that negotiations for acquisition of ROW are proposed. The general letter will state that DOTD’s records indicate the recipient of the letter owns property which may be required as ROW for the project, and a representative will contact the property owner during negotiations to discuss any questions he or she may have concerning the project. DOTD encloses the acquisition of ROW and relocation assistance brochure in the mailing and states that as soon as the ROW acquisition schedule permits, the property owner will be contacted concerning the project. DOTD will offer a direct point of contact. Appraisals will begin after the general letter is sent out to allow DOTD to develop a just compensation offer. 6-Construction hours are typically similar to a standard working day, for this project, construction in some areas will occur during the overnight hours. DOTD real estate to address any compensation and #7. 8- It is DOTD’s intent to construct sound walls prior to construction whereever it is possible to do so while maintaining access to the construction site. The construction site should be secured; therefore, existing fencing would remain where feasible and temporary fencing installed as needed for safety and security. Temporary fencing would likely be chain link fence, not a privacy fence. Concrete barriers would be installed between the east and westbound sides during construction. The ability for vehicles to stop and access neighborhood streets will be lessened by the presence of multiple barriers and consistent presence of construction personnel.