NeCole Pinsonat


I am very on concerned. The interstate is already on top of us… looks like the want to move it closer. The noise will be unbearable. I have lost 2 sale because of what’s coming. I think They should buy our complex. A few questions below:
1. When will we get a definitive answer if any of our units will need to be acquired or strongly affected?
2. Will the movement of the new Interstate columns add to our noise factor and what will be done about construction noise?
3. What reflection will this project have on our property value?
4. What is their plan to make this area walkable during construction?
5. What happens to our area of parking when construction worker’s have to park?
6. Is there an estimated construction start time and completion date?


1- The proposed apparent right-of-way was shown at the public meetings, it may also be viewed on www.i10br.com. No buildings associated with the Hollydale Condominium Association are in the proposed apparent right-of-way, therefore, none will be acquired. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained during construction. 2- DOTD is required to investigate the reasonableness and feasibility of reducing noise levels from I-10 for impacted residences. Our analysis indicates that a noise barrier can be reasonable and feasible for nearby impacted residences on the south side of I-10 and qualifies for federal funding from Fig Street to between Christian Street and Hollydale. 3- Since the condominiums in question are not to be acquired and are presently adjacent to I-10, only a real estate appraiser with expertise in your area would be able to address whether there will be an affect on property values. 4- The area to be vacated by the Perkins Road ramps removal is being considered for community connectivity enhancements. Walkability should improve with the enhancements under consideration. 5- For all residences and businesses that utilize parking under I-10 that may be affected, DOTD is committed to locating temporary parking during construction. Construction servitudes are shown on the roll maps from the public meetings and can be viewed at www.i10br.com. 6- DOTD will be working through construction sequencing.