Mary Donalson


What efforts are being made to prevent runoff from the construction from running into the adjacent Lakes and/or bayous? Bird Refuge concerns? Air and/or water monitoring? I-10 Typical Comments: At elevated portions of the project, existing steel spans should be replaced with reinforced concrete in order to reduce “roar”. Sound barriers should be included in the budget for this project. They should be decorative and landscaped on the road side for additional sound mitigation and beautification. Are all of the columns and spans at elevated portions to be replaced? In areas where parking, recreation, etc. are proposed to be beneath the Interstate, any new columns should be more decorative and include downspouts to subsurface drainage. Roundabouts Comments: Two roundabouts are proposed at Washington Street. One roundabout is proposed at Dalrymple Drive. This seems like a good way to keep traffic moving through these intersections. Provide crosswalks with push-button lights, decorative pavers, security lighting, and landscaping.


The contractor(s) hired for the construction will be required to create and follow a stormwater pollution prevention plan to address runoff and migration of materials offsite. There are no wildlife refuge areas to be affected by the proposed project. The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan will have requirements for the control of migration of water,dust, and dirt from the construction areas. A noise analysis is being completed as part of this project. The location of currently proposed noise barriers can be viewed on the roll maps from August 2018 public meetings at www.i10br.com. Not all columns associated with elevated portions of I-10 will require replacement. Roundabouts are proposed with crosswalks.