James Varnado


I’m addressing the College I-10 east departure ramp that will be running into a bottleneck on the College side. And the green space that feeds into College should be reduced to help alleviate that, okay? Because I notice that the construction stops with the two lanes, but it doesn’t carry on into the lights, other than just two lanes turning left and one lane turning right, which right now, when traffic is up, the first left lane to turn left doesn’t move and causes a back up because of the merging lane, or exit lane, to get onto I-10 going west. So the back up of the traffic from that, underneath that, underneath I-10 is causing one lane on the exit ramp to back up and that causes the back up. So putting two lanes helps a bit, but it doesn’t address the problem.


Modifications to College Drive are not within the scope of work carried forward from the Feasibility Study.