Donna Roppolo


I was told at one of the focus group meetings that requirements were necessary to meet for a sound wall. And studies would extend through past the environmental phase. At the public meeting, we were told that federal funding was approved for a sound wall along Estates Road. Does this mean that we have met all qualifications and are guaranteed a sound wall on Estates Road with the widening of I-10? I live at 2124 Estates Road. My street runs alongside I-10.


Federal funding has not been approved yet, but the noise barrier in that area would be eligible for federal funding if it is found to be both reasonable and feasible under the policy.  The Environmental Assessment will disclose noise barriers that are likely. Only barriers determined to be both reasonable and feasible are eligible for federal funding, any other noise barriers will require a special state appropriation by the state legislature. The noise policy can be found on DOTD’s web site at http://wwwsp.dotd.la.gov/Inside_LaDOTD/Divisions/Engineering/Environmental/Noise%20Policy/LDOTD%20Noise%20Policy%204_26_2011.pdf