Stephen Gilbeau


Is it at all possible to create a center turn lane on Perkins road? Pretty much just from the spot where Perkins becomes two lanes up to the base of the Overpass. People turning left off of Perkins in that small section of Perkins, myself included, create much of the traffic/backups on Perkins Road from past Acadian in one direction and past the Overpass in the other direction. Not sure it is feasible, but considering we are losing the on and off ramps from Perkins Road, it seems like this could possibly happen. I have also noticed that the light in front of the Trader Joe’s parking lot as also created much traffic during peak times. Could there be some sort of sensors or something besides a timer that will change that light only when needed? Many times I sit on Perkins road right there at a red light when there are no cars trying to turn onto Perkins and no one turning left off of Perkins.


This falls outside of the I-10 Improvements traffic study area. We will pass on your input to the proper City/Parish authorities.