Fred Sibley

Comment: It is my understanding that the DOTD is proposing a project to widen I-10 and I-12 through Baton Rouge. While this is a valuable and worthwhile project, the current […]

Sharon Weston Broome

Comment: Dear Secretary Wilson: The Interstate 10 Widening construction project, SPN H.004100.2 / Federal Aid Project No. H004100 (hereafter referred to as “The I-10 Widening Project”) is crucial to the […]

Phillip Lillard

Comment: 1. Make upgrades in West Baton Rouge as planned. 2. In Baton Rouge: a. Eliminate Washington Street Exit and extend new lane from bridge to Dalrymple Dr on Eastbound. […]

Flynn Foster

Comment: Please do all you can to begin the process of fixing our traffic issues. We need solutions and we need them now. Thanks for your efforts. Response: Thank you […]

Joseph Ballard

Comment: I am in favor of the project. Traffic congestion is adversely affecting our economic growth and our quality of life. Please move forward as quickly as possible. Response: Thank […]

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Theses are mostly great ideas and needed improvements. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Michael Bellchambers

Comment: The I-10 widening project is extremely vital for the future travel patterns of commercial traffic. Not only does the intra-state traffic need less congestion, the tractor trailer movement along […]

Kia Bickham

Comment: Traffic is a nightmare in this city and something needs to be done. This may not be the answer to all of our problems but, it is a step […]

Chris Broussard

Comment: Working on I-10 (especially fixing the east banks side of the Mississippi River bridge) is a good project. Baton Rouge is a lush city full of beautiful trees, and […]

Troy Charpentier

Comment: I fully support the widening of I 10 through Baton Rouge. The time spent in traffic is a drain on everyone who lives here both financially and emotionally. Please […]

Lucas J. Denson

Comment: Documents and content provided for the meeting at were very helpful and informative. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Jennifer Dunphy

Comment: I am extremely supportive of this project. Transportation is key to economic development in this area and this project is just one step in the many we need to […]


Comment: The improvements to the I-10 from Port Allen to Essen is a good start. Though much is needed in terms of infrastructure improvements in Baton Rouge, this start paves […]

Debra Guest

Comment: Great Job!!! Response: Thank you for your comment.