Earl Marcelle


My name is Earl Marcelle and I’m one of the property owners of the property at 1026 East Washington Street. If they do the roundabout option, it will take the property completely. I am opposed to that option and I prefer the option with the signals. And it’ll still have the turnaround. Even though I think long-term the roundabout may be the best option, but as it impacts me and the neighborhood that I’m, I’m in, I have a problem with that option. And it’s some angst in that because where the tire shop now is was my father’s former service station. And it relocated once already for the East Washington Street ramp. It took his original station that was constructed in 1945, and somewhere around the late 1950s he had to get out and build another station. He was fortunate enough to obtain the property across the street from the original station. In addition to that, his childhood home on East Boulevard was taken, right in the middle of East Boulevard where Expressway Park is today. So I don’t really want to hear anything about taking any more property. And I understand progress has to move on, but I’ll be willing to talk with anybody about any option, but I prefer option 1 with the signal lights because that does the less damage to me and other folks in that neighborhood. I’m done.


Thank you for your comments. DOTD Real Estate staff have been and will continue to be available to you to work through potential solutions to possible impacts to your properties.