Salavadore Christina, Jr.

Comment: 16. How is Dalrymple-110 ramps being configured to help alleviate traffic from LSU so not :everyone is forced to use S. Acadian or College Dr. Response: An eastbound entrance […]

Maria DiVincenti

Comment: If we can’t build a new bridge or do a loop how about looking into widening Airline Highway and directing traffic towards the old bridge? Thanks for allowing me […]

Blanche Gladney

Comment: I think the biggest problem we actually have that everyone knows is getting over the bridge. Even if you bring all these people, add a lane, you’re still going […]

Tim Harris

Comment: And what I couldn’t even think about and I kept waiting and kept waiting and they never talked about, the bridge that was existing that they built from nowhere […]

Laura Marvin

Comment: I have listened to your video….if you would like for people who live & work here in Baton Rouge to be able to get to work & around the […]

Patrick Mascarella

Comment: First comment, I think that doing this project with the widening costing $360,000,000 is a waste of money and a waste of time. First reason, in about two or […]

Dianna Odom

Comment: As an architect who has studied urban design, I do not understand why the proponents of this plan think that funneling 4 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of […]


Comment: 20. Will median openings be closed on alternate routes during construction? Response: A full Transportation Management plan will be performed prior to construction of the project to help facilitate […]

Davis Rhorer

Comment: 2) LSU Access & Signage Due to the limitations of traveling through the LSU campus via vehicle, access to the east side of LSU and the surrounding urbanized area […]


Comment: 19. Will the traffic lights on Airline Highway be removed during construction to facilitate an alternate route? Response: A full Transportation Management plan will be performed prior to construction […]