Method: Stenographer

Clarke Gernon, Jr.

Comment: My name is Clark Gernon. I live at 2357 Horace Street in Poets Corner Neighborhood. I’m also a principal at Remson, Haley, Herpin Architects here in Baton Rouge and […]

Benton Aucoin

Comment: Okay. So one of the questions that I had for Perry outside is regarding the Perkins Road overpass. I have the building that is under the overpass, right adjacent […]

Patrick Mascarella

Comment: Okay. The, the additions that I want to make is that everything I said earlier pre-supposed that the only thing that was going to be done was the, the […]

Mark Martin

Comment: My concern is the Nairn overpass bridge. On the display panels, there were two of those panels, the right-hand one at the bottom showed a scene with concrete barrier […]

Ronald Ray

Comment: Now, where else was I? In addition to my three lanes coming off the bridge consistently, the exit at the split, at the 12/10 split, 10 needs to be […]

Tim Harris

Comment: Tim Harris, 65 years old. I think I drove across that bridge before it was completed on a bicycle. And it’s still a subject of the matter. One lane. […]

Antony Richmond

Comment: All right. Well, what I had was concern about the homeless people in the areas that they’re doing the renovations and things. And I was wondering how about a […]

Charles Brousseau

Comment: The problem I have with the highway department giving more money is the design process that we use to design our highways is terrible. We need to reach out […]

Bob Wertz

Comment: Three suggestions: One, I would start with the College Drive eastbound widening. I would start there and work into town as the, one of the first projects. The reason […]

Kenri Avery

Comment: Okay. I was reading over the GPS system, computer help over there, and it appears that our location at 1358 is out of the way of construction. But the […]