Bob Wertz


Three suggestions: One, I would start with the College Drive eastbound widening. I would start there and work into town as the, one of the first projects. The reason for that is — let’s say from the down ramp to College to the split, that would make that section four, four lanes wide, and it could probably be finished in the first three years as opposed to waiting seven. And as you work backwards into town, everyone in the community could see that there would be progress right away, instead of waiting seven years for the entire project to be built. That would be a recommended first priority.
The second priority might be the addition to the lake bridges, only because of the cost. In other words, if you wait seven years, the cost to do the concrete for the bridges might rise substantially. And the cost to build a bridge is one of the — that’s going to drive up the cost of this whole project. So doing that early on might hold down costs later on.
Third recommendation, do the exit ramp at Louise, because a couple of ramps need to be fixed at that, and, and the U-turn and the turnarounds. The reason for that is on the west bound side going into town, literally, you’re starting at the beginning and working backwards up to the lakes and toward College Drive. In other words, there’s four to five lanes of traffic at the split between 10 that crosses the river and 110 that goes north. So start bringing the four lanes back toward, toward College Drive, means there would be quick, quick changes to the traffic flow. That’s it.


Thank you for your comments. The construction sequencing is under development and should be available during the public hearing.