Antony Richmond


All right. Well, what I had was concern about the homeless people in the areas that they’re doing the renovations and things. And I was wondering how about a public shower, a public bath, that will, like, help, you know, keep them cleaner. Maybe they, that’s the only thing that’s keeping them from getting a job is, like, a smell or their appearance and whatnot. So I was feeling like a public bath in one of these areas, like, close to the park maybe would be, like, beneficial to the town, to the city as a whole. So I was — I saw a few problems that we was running into like the, how we’re going to pay for the water and the sanitation products that they’ll need and, basically, the maintenance of it all. And those are my only concerns. But if we can, like, you know, come over that challenge there, I feel like that’ll be, like, a great benefit for the city.


Thank you for your comments. Concepts for mitigation and community enhancements are under design and should be available for comment during the public hearing.