Clarke Gernon, Jr.


My name is Clark Gernon. I live at 2357 Horace Street in Poets Corner Neighborhood. I’m also a principal at Remson, Haley, Herpin Architects here in Baton Rouge and my office is downtown on Government Street. Been living in my neighborhood since 1992. I’ve seen it kind of change and evolve in a lot of ways. I will say one of the best things about our, the area in which we live in, and particularly the overpass area, is the unique quality of life and experiences that gives the residents of Baton Rouge, with appreciation to the traffic needs of the city and beyond, we — I hope that there’s opportunities to do even — perhaps maybe some unconventional things to help save structures in that area due to the fact there are so few already that, a few or more lost it could certainly destroy the area very quickly. Any opportunity to save that area would be, in my mind, very, very important, not just to me as a resident in the vicinity, but Baton Rouge as a whole. My focus there would be to just find any way you can to make sure that there are ways to protect those businesses so that they can continue to operate in whatever way that allows the interstate to continue to do what it has to do for the State of Louisiana and beyond.


Thank you for your comments. Under the conceptual plan, two businesses in the Perkins merchant area fall within the proposed right-of-way. DOTD is working with the business and property owners to find equitable solutions to relocation and continued business operations. DOTD is committed to developing community sensitive concepts for the right-of-way formerly supporting the Perkins Road on and off ramps.