Charles Brousseau


The problem I have with the highway department giving more money is the design process that we use to design our highways is terrible. We need to reach out to Texas and get them to show us how to design highways. We are not capable of doing it in our highway department. I have no problem giving them money, but I won’t vote for the 10 cents or a 17 cent sales tax until they do a better job of designing the highways in Louisiana, okay?
Now, I went to the Washington Street exit meeting about a year ago at the Butler Center. Shawn Wilson was there. He spoke to the TV cameras and the three TV stations, but when it came to speak to the general public, he went and got in the corner and they had two men standing in front of him and they said, “He’s not taking questions.” Why was he there?


Thank you for you comments. Dr. Wilson and DOTD staff have been available for questions and comments throughout the process and will continue to be a resource for citizens with concerns about the I-10 widening proposed under this project.