Method: Meeting Comment Box

Jerome Ducote

Comment: This is a waste of time and money Response: Thank you for your comment.

Lauren Jumonville

Comment: Use elevated Interstate to create row for bikes and pedestrians to cool parks. Response: We presume that the comment suggests uses for the areas under the interstate, particularly in […]


Comment: Please keep bike lanes on Dalrymple on lake side rather than crossing streets. Response: Thank you for your comment, we will take them under advisement while working through potential […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 7. Will there be a signature bridge replacing the Nairn Street Bridge? Response: The Nairn Street bridge will be replaced as a result of this project. The concepts are […]

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Nairn Street Bridge: conceptual renderings look great, but concerned it won’t end up like that. Green barriers and spacious multi use paths need to stay! Response: Thank you for […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 7. Valley Street/Nairn Dr. Bridge. This is another important thoroughfare for the neighborhood that keeps traffic off of S. Acadian and College. How is the replacement of this bridge […]


Comment: 37. What will be the increase in time to get to my job at LSU from the medical district? 38. Increase in time from Southdown’s or from West Baton […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 45. Why do we not have an emergency crossover at the foot of the bridge near the Washington Street exit? 46. Why have other emergency crossover locations not been […]


Comment: Please take BR Fault line into consideration in bridge planning and construction. Response: Thank you for your comment. Seismic considerations were included in the bridge studies conducted in concert […]


Comment: 9. How many lanes will Interstate 110 have and for how long? Response: If the question is relative to how many lanes will be open during construction, the answer […]