Method: Meeting Comment Box


Comment: 32.How will the detour routes be communicated to the public? 33. How will the detour routes be communicated to those that live outside the parish? 34. How will out […]


Comment: 23. How long will the following interchanges be closed during construction? 24. College Drive? 25. Acadian Thruway? 26. Perkins Road? 27. Dalrymple Drive? Round About? 28. Washington Street 29. […]

Phillip Lillard

Comment: Do all the above in one initial phase and wait and see the results. Then consider additional additions to I-10 only if needed. The financing method of the I-10 […]


Comment: 4. Why is Phase 2 Financing being ramrodded almost ahead of a Phase 1 Public Review and Comment? You don’t even know what the public wants, so how do […]


Comment: 40. If my children are just starting LSU now will it be finished before my children graduate? Response: We can not speculate the completion of construction versus your family’s […]


Comment: Long ugly process but it will be nice Response: Thank you for your comment.


Comment: 36. Will community enhancement be made before the project starts? Or will they never get done like most projects Response: DOTD will make commitments for community enhancements, mitigation, and […]

Lauren Jumonville

Comment: Polk Street Park should be maintained as much as possible. Create safe connection for OSBR to lakes. Response: East Polk Street Park is part of a concept plan to […]

Betsy Peterson

Comment: Support local businesses and prevent construction from putting them out of business. Educate about real impacts during and after construction. Activate the area with signs above the interstate to […]

Riley Berthelot

Comment: Please consider an alternative route for freight during construction, like Hwy 190 Response: Alternative routes during construction will be developed in a Draft Transportation/Traffic Management Plan (TMP), which will […]