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Price Mounger

Comment: Please get started as soon as possible. Traffic in BR is horrible and this needs to be done ASAP. The plan looks great and impact appears minimal for good […]

AL Phillips

Comment: For improvements, even if it takes people’s home. It’s best for community. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Clark Vega

Comment: Great Job Response: Thank you for your comment.

Phillip Lillard

Comment: 1. Make upgrades in West Baton Rouge as planned. 2. In Baton Rouge: a. Eliminate Washington Street Exit and extend new lane from bridge to Dalrymple Dr on Eastbound. […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 35. Will there be any changes on the ground local road network as a result of the Terrace Street exit? Response: While not part of this project, the new […]

Charles Brousseau

Comment: Please reach out to TEXAS. They do a much better job in designing their Instate Highways. Response: Thank you for your comment.

Becca Behrnes

Comment: Theses are mostly great ideas and needed improvements. Response: Thank you for your comments.

Debra Guest

Comment: Great Job!!! Response: Thank you for your comment.

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 4. Connect the Greenwood Dr.(road that runs behind the businesses) to the shopping center on Perkins/S. Acadian or back to Perkins Rd. as the Perkins Rd. on/off ramps are […]


Comment: 5. Is this the only chance to come in before the environmental document is complete? Response: The public will have an opportunity to attend and comment at the public […]