Method: Online Comment

Doug Moore

Comment: Why are there no pedestrian accommodations on College Drive where it crosses under the interstate? Response: Modifications to College Drive are not within the scope of work carried forward […]

Thomas Bryan

Comment: I understand the Perkins road exit has to be demolished to add the additional eastbound lane, BUT why can’t the exit be redone in the same place afterwards since […]

Christy Kessler

Comment: I live in Stratford Place near the I-10/I-12 split. The trees along the I-10 corridor are essential to my enjoyment of my yard and home. Without those trees, the […]

Ernest Mencer

Comment: I would like to see plans to replace the trees to be removed as part of the I10/12 widening project; or plans to erect sound barrier walls to mitigate […]

Johnell Rogers

Comment: I would like to see a plan that includes the replacement of trees that are scheduled to be removed or a noise barrier wall erected to protect the Stradford […]

Brittany White

Comment: How do you plan on replacing the trees which are being used as a sound barrier for my subdivision, Stratford Place? I agree with the widening but a sound […]

Leslie Gladney

Comment: I’m very concerned with noise, dust, dirt, security, vibrations from construction equipment and paving, increase in my allergies, loss of tranquility at my property, loss of property value, CONSTANT […]

Erin Mosely

Comment: Regarding the widening of I-10 and the flyover. I’m a resident in Bocage subdivision and have a few concerns about this. 1. noise created by the expansion, specifically the […]

Dean Reinschmidt

Comment: As a resident of Jefferson Place/Bocage, my primary concerns, which are also the concerns of many I have spoken with in our neighborhood, are the impact on drainage and […]

Stephen St. Cyr

Comment: Below is the text of a comment sent to you by my wife. I wholeheartedly agree with her position. First, I applaud your presentation of a plan that will […]