The I-10 Corridor Study

DOTD examines I-10 Improvements west of the Mississippi River Bridge and the I-10 / I-12 Split

As traffic issues continue to rise along the I-10 corridor in the Baton Rouge area, DOTD has re-opened discussions within the community regarding finding appropriate solutions to those issues. The 2015-2016 feasibility study was the first step in examining improvements to the area of I-10 between the Mississippi River Bridge and the I-10/I-12 split and engaging the public. The DOTD worked with community residents and merchants to create concepts for improving the corridor, with an open ear toward community ideas.

The second step is the Stage 1 Planning and Environmental study, which will fully evaluate the alternatives accepted to move forward from the feasibility study. The environmental study will help determine social, economic, and environmental impacts of the alternatives. The DOTD will continue to engage the public throughout the process with informational meetings that will offer an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments.


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June 7, 2018

I-10 Public Meetings Update

Based on initial inputs gathered during spring 2018 focus groups and continued project analyses, the Stage 1 public meetings are on track to be scheduled later in the summer of 2018. Please stay tuned to for additional scheduling information. For more information, call: 225-389-6518 STATE PROJECT NO. H.004100.2 FEDERAL AID  PROJECT NO. H004100