At the Acadian overpass location, will sidewalks be connected? This intersection can get pretty treacherous for pedestrians, especially where the sidewalks end. They are not shown on the roll maps, but I assume these are just for demonstration.
There might be an opportunity to add an alternate path for bikes and pedestrians. With the interstate elevated here, it leaves a wide R/W underneath connecting Acadian to the Perkins overpass. This could give a safe route to the lakes, via Acadian Thwy to Perkins Rd to Fiero St to E Lakeshore.
This is an excellent opportunity to give more recreational space to the local neighborhoods, giving alternate and safer routes of travel and recreation, detouring pedestrians and bicyclists out of the congested intersections, and also gives back a little to the communities affected by this large project. Overall, the expansion looks like a good design. The WashingtonDalrymple service road is an excellent addition. Adding an I-10 EB entrance is long overdue.


Complete streets concepts as well as accommodation for pedestrians and bicyclists are included for multiple locations through the study corridor. Geometry for the design of Acadian Throughway is incomplete; however, we note your comment relative to provisions for alternative path.