Tim Harris


And what I couldn’t even think about and I kept waiting and kept waiting and they never talked about, the bridge that was existing that they built from nowhere to nowhere again, New Roads to St. Francisville, on another road coming straight from Alexandria. If you draw a line, as the crow flies, it’s not bad. It can go straight as it can be, all right.
And I-49, my God, that thing has been talking about I-49 so long it’s — they trying to do stuff in Morgan City now to make it drivable. They doing — but still it’s not on I-49 going to New Orleans. And guess what that would do? That would alleviate a bunch of traffic that they didn’t figure in because it wouldn’t be coming through Baton Rouge. Period.


Thank you for your comments. DOTD is in the process of studying additional Mississippi River crossings to assist in the alleviating the traffic congestion; however, a new bridge is years away from approval and construction.