Stephen Gilbeau


Could you please let me and the other owners of townhomes at 2293 Hollydale Ave if we can expect to lose our investments or not? It appears that no finite answer has been given on this issue. Also, if the state does purchase these properties, do the owners who rely on them for income get an amount above and beyond the market price of the property?


The proposed apparent right-of-way was shown at the public meetings, it may also be viewed on www.i10br.com. None of the Hollydale Condominium buildings are in the proposed apparent right-of-way, therefore, none will be acquired. Brochures from DOTD’s Real Estate section with more details on the acquisition process can be downloaded here: http://wwwsp.dotd.la.gov/Inside_LaDOTD/Divisions/Engineering/Real_Estate/Manuals/2016%20Acquistion%20Brochure%20revised%208.31.16.pdf.