Ramona Talley


I want to address the Homeowner’s Association for Hollydale Condominiums only because I manage homeowner associations. The building that’s going to be underneath, or appears to be on the servitude closest to the interstate, if that building has to be taken, that is less properties in this community to pay homeowner dues. That will make the community have less money every month to pay for their bills. And this would cause a hardship on that homeowner association. If some of the units were bought out, there is no way to compensate them for the loss of homeowner dues. And that’s a consideration that needs to be taken into effect. Thank you.


The proposed apparent right-of-way was shown at the public meetings, it may also be viewed on www.i10br.com. None of the Hollydale Condominium buildings are in the proposed apparent right-of-way, therefore, none will be acquired.