Pinney Johnson


PLEASE!!! Be considerate of the tree population that this widening will affect. So many beautiful trees around the Baton Rouge area have been removed in the past few years which is changing the entire landscape of our city; for instance the widening of Staring Lane and no replacement of trees. But then, how do you replace beautiful mature trees.
I ask you as someone who has lived in Baton Rouge for 40+ years and watched development take over with what appears to be little regard for our city’s “claim-to-fame” – beautiful with so many mature trees enhancing landscaping. Trees are even covered under many homeowner policies when taken down as a result of mother nature. That should say something of their value.
We need the I-10 Widening project but not without considering the city’s landscape. Thank you for this opportunity to send my comments


DOTD will be replacing trees in accordance with their Significant Tree policy and will replant where, possible in coordination with Baton Rouge Green.