Peter Olson


So our concern is about traffic coming on 110 from the north wanting to take the Dalrymple exit to get to Knock Knock Children’s Museum. If I’m understanding it right, those — that traffic will need to get off at the Terrace exit and make a jog-over to get on the frontage road. So we’re concerned that it’s going to be difficult to navigate. And we want to make sure that if that is how the design ends up, that there’s adequate signage on the freeway for the exit. And then wayfinding signage at the Terrace jog and along the front road to be able to find the Children’s Museum. And it that’s it.


Drivers traveling southbound from I-110 will exit at Terrace and use the south/eastbound frontage road to access Dalrymple. DOTD is committed to working with BREC/Knock Knock Museum in the proper location of freeway and wayfinding signage. Exact locations of signs will be determined during Stage 3, Final Design.