Michael Frenzel


Two. As I understand it, the bridges across City Park Lake are to be reworked. Part of that rework will be the addition of Sound Walls on the Bridges. Of the many miles of Interstate that pass through Baton Rouge, the “lakes” (City Park/LSU area) are the only places really worth looking at. It would be a grave mistake to wall off that area. The sound deadening added to the bridge should be enough to negate the need for Sound Walls.


DOTD is required to investigate the reasonableness and feasibility of reducing noise levels from I-10 for impacted residences. Our analysis indicates that a noise barrier can be reasonable and feasible for nearby impacted residences on the south side of I-10. A noise barrier on the south side of I-10 across the City Park Lake Bridge qualifies for federal funding. A potential noise barrier on the north side of I-10 across City Park Lake Bridge does not qualify for federal funding and would need a special state appropriation to be constructed. DOTD and the project team are researching and evaluating options for those noise barriers that would preserve the view of City Park Lake.