Mary Donalson


Design-Build project process makes it very difficult to comment on design, as there is basically no real design available for review. Will there be an opportunity for public comment after the plans are more developed? Short comment period (2 weeks), by written comment only, only 3 public meetings (all the same week).DOTD has not disclosed the locations of all of the businesses/homes to be affected. Is there sufficient money to do all of the things that are being shown/discussed in the presentations (i.e. noise barriers, roundabouts, context sensitive solutions, trails, bridge designs, landscaping)? DOTD is showing a lot of “possibilities” which may or may not come to fruition. It seems somewhat misleading to show these things, if there is not sufficient funding to make them happen. And, if there is not sufficient funding to do this project fully and properly and well, then it should not go forward, in my opinion.


1- The conceptual design as shown during the public meetings and available on www.i10br.com is the design, with some modification based on public comments, geometric considerations, and final traffic data, that will be proposed for approval in the Environmental Assessment. Approval of the Environmental Assessment will allow the concept design to be carried forward into Stage 3, Final Design (Stage 2 is funding, which as been identified for a portion of the project). 2- A public hearing will occur after the Environmental Assessment has been released for public comment. Comments are welcome on the project through the end of the public hearing comment period, which will be in 2019. Comments can be submitted via the project website, www.i10br.com. 3- The specific locations of affected homes and businesses were shown on the public meeting exhibits, but may change as more information becomes available. 4- The project will be constructed in stages, as the final design moves forward, additional funding will be necessary to fund all the stages. Context sensitive designs approved will be funded in the stages of which they are a part.