Mary Donalson


Access to Perkins Road Overpass area businesses shall be maintained at all times. Construction traffic shall not go down residential streets south of Perkins Road unless absolutely necessary. Environmental Inventory Comments: Are City Park and LSU Lakes protected under Section 4f of Dept of Transportation Act? Many significant trees appear to be impacted, both along the Interstate near Baywood and Fiero Streets, and at the Acadian Thruway interchange. Replacement of these trees (in kind) should be included in the project. Baton Rouge Green’s investment in our community is an important asset. Any landscaping or trees which are impacted should be replaced as part of the project. Additional trees and landscaping should be included.


No closures of Perkins Road are anticipated, there may be occasional detours around construction zones where overhead hazards may be present. Brooks-City Park is a property covered under Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act, waterbodies are not uniformly included and may or may not be covered under Section 4f. DOTD is working with Baton Rouge Green and is committed to replacing trees in accordance with DOTD’s signficant tree policy.