Mary Donalson


City Park Lakes Bridge: Spandrel Arch option will be covered with bird excrement, and appears to require more columns in the Lakes. Haunched Box appears to be sleeker, to have fewer columns in the Lakes, and would have fewer bird roosting issues. Sound barriers are proposed for the bridge. I would prefer that there3 be either no sound barriers on the bridge, or that they be clear. Solid sound barriers on the Lakes bridge will block views of the Lakes from the Interstate; any sound walls used on the Lakes bridge should be clear acrylic to allow for views of the Lakes, arrival of white pelicans, Spanish Town flamingos, etc. The City Park Lakes Bridge, the Nairn Street Bridge, and the Perkins Road Bridge could be of similar design so that there is a consistent aesthetic amongst them. The Lakes are an important recreation area for many people in Baton Rouge, and a welcoming gateway for visitors and for LSU. Landscaping, decorative security lighting, and pedestrian/bike trails should be included in the project. The Lakes Master Plan calls for biofiltration at locations where runoff goes directly into the Lakes. If downspouts are directed to the Lakes, biofiltration landscaping should be included as part of this project. Nairn Bridge: This is an important visual for people driving along I-10. It is important that this bridge be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. No just nasty chain link fencing. Well lit. Consider having the Nairn Bridge be aesthetically similar to the City Park Lakes Bridge and the Perkins Road Bridge. Separate the pedestrian walkway from the travel lanes by Living Barrier? How will it get any water and who will maintain it? It cannot be left to become an eyesore. Connection to pedestrian and multi-use trails should be included in the project. Will an outside wall cut off circulation and make the walk across the bridge uncomfortable for pedestrians? Concrete always gets so dirty. How prevent/clean graffiti on a concrete wall above the interstate?


Thank you for your comments. The project team is researching noise barrier types, however, decisions relative to design will be completed in Stage 3, Final Design. Complete streets concepts with bicycle and pedestrian path linkages are proposed for this project. Some of these areas are being considered for locally created public art.