Maria DiVincenti


I am President of the Hollydale Homeowner’s Association for 36 individually owned Condominiums located at 2293 Hollydale Avenue. We will be strongly impacted by the widening of I-10.
I don’t understand why the state would want to disrupt a city’s model urban area? Perkins Road Overpass is unique and works so well.

Suspect is always questionable but knowledge is understanding.
Thanks for the opportunity to express my concerns.
Re DiVincenti


The proposed apparent right-of-way was shown at the public meetings, it may also be viewed on www.i10br.com. No Hollydale condominium buildings are in the proposed apparent right-of-way, therefore, none will be acquired. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained during construction. Additional questions can be provided via the project website or through DOTD’s Real Estate section.