Laura Marvin


I have listened to your video….if you would like for people who live & work here in Baton Rouge to be able to get to work & around the city then you need to have alternative routes not just ONE route that was a poor poor design to begin with…..if you keep funneling traffic through one area it will only make more congestion….190 NEEDS to be an interstate….not a Hwy…..190 has access to the Old Bridge & To Hwy 55…also you could access the Audubon Bridge easier from that location as well…..you can make 190 an interstate with service roads on the side….if you could access 190 say close to the Gross Tete exit then you could funnel traffic down 190….also if you could access the Sunshine Bridge from the Gross Tete exit that would be a way to funnel traffic….then make the road accessible to Hwy 55….there is your loop around the city & more accessibly to other towns….you already have 3 bridges in place you just need to have a better transportation system to access the bridges…..also I think a bus lane would help people get to work easier…..in today’s changing world with Uber & Lift….the i10 is not only congested on the week days it is also congested on the weekend as well…. thank you & I really do hope that you do LISTEN to the people….


Thank you for your comments and suggested solutions.