Julia McGuire


Regarding the Flyover of the I-10 project at the I-12 split, and as a resident on Richards Drive in Baton Rouge, I need to express my feelings about this as a NO. My home is in the 72 hundred block of Richards Drive just at the split and the noise is unbelievable. If what you are intending to build goes through this will only add more noise to what we already have (hear). Please think about what you are doing. I know there is a “sound wall” which helps to block the sound but please take my word for it —– “it does not.” I am not an engineer, you are! ADD ANOTHER WALL. MAKE IT DEEPER AND HIGHER. I feel sure it is hard for any of you to believe what I am saying is true. My husband and children have lived here since the day the interstate has been built. Don’t add more traffic to places until it is well thought out.


The project team is evaluating the effect of the flyover ramp on the noise levels for the residences in the Jefferson Place and Bocage neighborhoods.