James Varnado


Oh, by the way, how about if we take a course — or whoever is doing the synchronization of the lights, is not doing their job. Did they — where did they go to school? Because all over the city, the lights don’t synchronize, not just in certain areas and certain other — all over the city, they do not synchronize.
Now, that’s one of the things that the mayor said she was going to work on. And it got better for a moment and then it went and got worse. I don’t understand it. We should be always synchronizing the lights, enhancing the changes during, during peak periods, and then reducing them back when there’s not peak periods. It’s like — it’s just not new, something new technology. Cars have been doing this for years, you know. So we are really behind. Mississippi is beating our pants when it comes to roads. Okay. We used to rest our laurels on “Hey, we’re better than Mississippi.” Not any more.


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