George Bofinger


I went to the open house last week and am very concerned about not widening the bridge. I realize it is going to be a major undertaking but that’s really the main issue. Extending the entrance and exit ramps will help but the main issue is the bridge. I am also wondering why we are spending the money on the Nairn St. bridge. I use this bridge multiple times a day and don’t see anything wrong with the bridge. I don’t have a problem with the businesses under the overpass, if they loose some income they will survive. I will be effected also because of the traffic but that all part of the much needed progress. Thanks


Alternatives to the Mississippi River Bridge, including widening the bridge and constructing a new parallel bridge, were considered in the Stage 0 Feasibility Study and did not move into the Stage 1 study due to significant environmental impacts. The Nairn bridge is being replaced due the need to move the existing noise barriers to accomodate the additional travel lanes.