Ten years from now, will it help Baton Rouge to have this somewhat wider section of I-10? Will we look back in 2028 and say that we were so glad that all the money and disruption was worth it to solve the problem? I think everyone is frustrated and everyone wants to do something. But we really need to do the “right” thing, not just something. I see this widening project as a make work project that will marginally and temporarily improve some of the traffic flow. What is needed is an alternative route, often referred to as a loop, which includes a new bridge. A loop will allow traffic to move in multiple flows instead of one unmanageable giant flow. This seems to me to have many advantages for the future. Please do not waste precious time and money on this non solution.


During the Stage 0 Feasibility Study for this project, alternative regional transportation improvements were considered including a new southern Mississippi River Bridge crossing and a Northern Bypass. Though these megaprojects will provide improved traffic flow through the Baton Rouge metro area, the I-10 Improvement through Baton Rouge is necessary to help alleviate congestion through the area. The proposed configuration does show two dedicated lanes on I-10 eastbound combining with two lanes from I-110 southbound to make up the four through lanes for I-10 Eastbound to the I-10/I-12 Split.