Douthat Thomas


I am also concerned that the project has omitted a sidewalk on the east side of S. Acadian.
In an urban environment, near schools, parks and Universities sidewalks are a must. Transportation engineers must remember that their designs have a direct affect on pedestrians and cyclists. Engineers must take responsibility for multimodal safety. 40,200 people died in accidents involving motor vehicles in 2016, many of which were pedestrians and cyclists. That is an epidemic that projects like this have a moral mandate to improve. Roundabouts are a crucial part too.


Complete streets concepts as well as accommodation for pedestrians and bicyclists are proposed and under consideration for multiple locations through the study corridor. The City-Parish will ultimately decide where these facilities will be acceptable. Geometry for the design of Acadian Throughway is incomplete; however, we note your comment relative to provision of a side walk on the east side.