Douthat Thomas


I am writing regarding the I-10 widening project. I care about pedestrian and bike safety, and think Baton Rouge has a long way to go on this issue. Will the I-10 project include protected bike and pedestrian improvements to protect pedestrians and bikers from increased traffic volume and speeds that we can expect from the project? In particular, I am concerned about how the project will interact with Dalrymple Dr., Perkins Rd., E. Washington St., and Terrace Ave. I hope the project provides facilities at least to the standard of the NACTO guide (https://nacto.org/publication/urban-bikeway-design-guide/intersection-treatments/), if not full length recessed bicycle tracts (e.g., Madsen and Lahrmen, 2017). That is, with the widening, “complete intersections” (like complete streets) will be crucial for this project to safely interact with vulnerable transportation groups.


Complete streets concepts as well as accommodation for pedestrians and bicyclists are proposed and under consideration for multiple locations through the study corridor. The City-Parish will ultimately decide where these facilities will be acceptable. Geometry for the design of Acadian Throughway is incomplete; however, we note your comment relative to provision of a side walk on the east side.