Dianna Odom


As an architect who has studied urban design, I do not understand why the proponents of this plan think that funneling 4 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of traffic is better than funneling 3 lanes of traffic into 2 lanes of traffic across the bridge. The bridge is the problem here and until it is widened, the problem will persist in the west bound direction. This solution only reconfigures the parking lot. It’s also not good to have all of that pass through traffic flowing through Baton Rouge. WE NEED A LOOP!


During the Stage 0 Feasibility Study for this project, alternative regional transportation improvements were considered during the traffic study including a new southern Mississippi River Bridge crossing and a Northern Bypass. Though these megaprojects will provide improved traffic flow through the Baton Rouge metro area, the I-10 Improvement through Baton Rouge is necessary to help alleviate congestion through the area. The vast majority of the project will be constructed within existing right-of-way, minimizing damage to structures and acquisition of properties.