Deborah Roe


8. DOTD should agree not to make substantial project changes without informing the public and getting buy in from City Council. .. My understanding is the bus pull overs were in the Government St. plan when presented to City Council and then taken out by DOTD afterward. The project proceeded with an incomplete transit component. HOW WILL THIS PROJECT IMPACT PEDESTRIAN, AUTO, AND PUBLIC TRANSIT AND FOR HOW LONG? FINALLY, USE FUNDS SAVED TO BUILD ACCESSIBLE SIDEWALKS ALONG FLORIDA AND AIRLINE TO SAVE LIVES AND HAVE A MORE PEDESTRIAN AND TRANSIT FRIENDLY BATON ROUGE.


The Government Street project team evaluated bus turnouts along Government Street, but found them to be cost prohibitive due to required right-of-way purchase. The project scope presented to DOTD in the Road Transfer Agreement between East Baton Rouge City/Parish and DOTD is a pavement preservation project (no right-of-way acquisition), with the addition of a roundabout at the intersection of Government Street and Lobdell Avenue. Exhibits presented to the public during the December 2015 public meeting did not include bus turnouts.
After construction of this project, East Baton Rouge City/Parish will take ownership of the roadway. DOTD has been notified that the City/Parish is currently seeking partnerships with private investors and businesses to provide servitudes to use for bus turnout alternatives. CATS has determined that with improved walkability, the number of bus stops on Government Street could be reduced, which will be evaluated after construction. DOTD was informed that CATS patrons would be willing to travel one or two extra blocks to a bus stop if sidewalks are improved to ADA Standards.