Bond Lux


The proposed College Drive exit for I-10/I-12 is fundamentally a good idea however the proposed design is making motorists commit to that exit for approximately 1 mile. The problem is that it appears the project is not addressing the underlying traffic hairball called College Drive. There is no bail-out opportunity for motorists. The inevitable backup on the new “service drive” is going to probably be worse than the current backups we see however unlike today there will be no way to get out of a bad decision once on that dedicated exit.

My suggestion is to introduce additional “service drive” exits from the dedicated ramp onto some of the streets (maybe even a new dedicated street along Wards Creek) that dump onto Corporate Blvd. If folks do not have to go all the way to College Drive (unless they want to) then you’ve helped reduce the mess at College Drive plus you’ve provided “safety valves” for folks and emergency vehicles that would be otherwise stuck on that ramp.


Any potential drainage issues in this area and proper drainage design for the whole project area will be an important component of the Stage 3 Final Design Process. The project team is considering the concept of a dedicated right from the College Drive westbound exit to allow traffic to travel directly to Corporate Boulevard.