Blaine Rabalais


And my comment is on the LA 1 entrance eastbound to, on I-10, to the new bridge. The current design is where the north and southbound LA 1 merges. It’s in a curve and it already backs up as it doesn’t flow well. Even when the bridge is moving and not over capacity, that merge doesn’t flow. A zipper effect is over capacity there. Our new design does not have any — current projected new design does not have any fix or any adjustments to that intersection. It’s still the zipper merge inside of a curve. And I feel that once the widening is complete we’ll draw more cars to this area and to this merge that is already over capacity. I suggest either adding double lanes and then merge up towards the bridge before the zipper straining starts, or ramp meters from one of the sides of LA 1 to where the zipper effect would actually be effective.


Thank you for your comment. This alternative will be evaluated. If changes are deemed appropriate, they will be shown at the public hearing.