Renee Shortess


I am also very concerned about construction impacts. It appears that South Eugene will have to be relocated approximately 30′ to the east. What limitations will be placed on the Contractor to minimize access problems to Honeysuckle? My house already vibrates from the traffic on the interstate. What will the Contractor be required to do to minimize impacts during construction? Particularly during pile driving. What length of time (construction days) will the Contractor be allowed to impact neighborhoods? I think the construction time for the total is estimated at five years. That length of time for construction impacts in my neighborhood would be unacceptable. It appears to me that requiring the Contractor to substantially complete construction in certain areas with an expedited schedule would be beneficial.


The entire project, if fully funded may take from five to seven years to construct, phases of the project will take considerably less time. Relative to pile driving, DOTD has a policy for monitoring vibrations during pile driving with specific procedures for documenting adjacent structures before and after pile driving activities. We do not yet know if there will be any pile driving on the project. Generally, regular construction activities for roadways typically do not cause vibrations that rise to the level of property damage. In the event property owners feel they are experiencing damaging vibrations during construction, they can contact the Project Engineer and ask that it be investigated. A “Vibration Complaint Form” is available to the property owner(s) for such occurrences and can be obtained via the office of the Project Engineer as necessary.