Donna Roppolo


On August 28, 2018, at the public meeting, I spoke with several DOTD representatives that told me and my neighbors that DOTD has all the ROW needed in front of our homes on Estates Road and Fiero. I was told that the map displayed at the public meeting was worst case scenario and that my home, nor any of our homes would be impacted. I previously sent in a series of questions to Franklin Associates, which in turn was forwarded and answered by DOTD, which one of them is listed below.
My questions now are:
1. Have the ROW maps been developed?
2. And if not, how accurate are the current maps and measurements?
3. And are the current map measurements truly worst case scenario, or is there a chance that one or more of the homes on Estates Road or Fiero could be impacted?
My previous question sent to Franklin Associates:
1. When will someone be notified if their home will be physically impacted? And how will they be notified?
Answered by DOTD and forwarded to me from Franklin Associates on June 12, 2018:
If the project is approved to move forward (after the current environmental phase), ROW maps will be developed, funding will be approved, and DOTD will contact property owners with a “general letter,” which is a notice to property owners advising that the project has been programmed for construction and that negotiations for acquisition of ROW are proposed. The general letter will state that DOTD’s records indicate the recipient of the letter owns property which may be required as ROW for the project, and a representative will contact the property owner during negotiations to discuss any questions he or she may have concerning the project. DOTD encloses the acquisition of ROW and relocation assistance brochure in the mailing and states that as soon as the ROW acquisition schedule permits, the property owner will be contacted concerning the project. DOTD will offer a direct point of contact. Appraisals will begin after the general letter is sent out to allow DOTD to develop a just compensation offer.


Thank you for staying engaged through this process. In response to your new questions- 1- Preliminary right-of-way maps have been developed. Surveying is ongoing throughout the remainder of 2018 into 2019. Final right-of-way maps will be based on surveyed property maps. 2- The roll maps have the right-of-way as it is defined by the project design and drawn in computer aided drafting software. This data is lain over aerial photography with property lines from the East and West Baton Rouge Parish’s respective Assessor’s Offices; they cannot be as accurate as true survey data. 3- What is shown represents potentially more than what may be needed in some areas. There are no acquisitions of homes on Fiero or Estates Drive under the current proposed design.