Davis Rhorer


3) Interstate Project Coordination Several I-10/I-110 projects are in the planning stage and should be coordinated and comprehensively analyzed to ensure the entire interstate system works effectively and efficiently. In addition, each of these interstate projects has a corresponding impact on the city street system and these impacts should be considered in conjunction. These projects include H.004100.2 (I-10/I-12 From LA 415 to Essen Lane), H. 001099 (South Blvd. to Chimes), and H.012422 (I-110 Interchange Modification @ Terrace). In particular, Washington Street traffic would seemingly increase from the both the I-10 expansion (H.004100.2) and (H. 001099 – South Blvd. to Chimes). For the H.001009 project, the city street grid at Terrace Avenue would be severed and access to the Water Campus, downtown, and the neighborhoods east of Highland Road would be limited. Those attempting to access the these eastern neighborhoods from the I-10 exit, exiting on Oklahoma, would need to utilize East Washington street, increasing the traffic volume of this road. In addition, direct access to downtown from either the exit or surrounding neighborhoods would be eliminated as users would have to turn left on Highland Road, take an immediate right on Oklahoma Street, and a right on Nicholson Drive.


Thank you for your comment. DOTD teams are working together to ensure these projects work in concert with each other.