Cullen Boudreaux


The recommended bicycle connection between Mid-City’s designated bike lanes and the pedestrian-friendly Historic Overpass Area is currently an orange rated route that takes cyclists under the Perkins Road Overpass into a muddy, unlit gulch. The widening of I-10 is our community’s opportunity to create a designated crossing wide enough for bicycles and double-wide strollers.
The Perkins Road Overpass itself is a historic WPA project. Unfortunately, the pitch and rise of the curve make it very dangerous for cyclists to ride safely on the street. The sidewalk is too narrow for cyclists or wide strollers. Both problems explain why the Official Bike Baton Road Bike Map recommends riders travel under the overpass.
A solution is to keep cyclists on South Eugene until the Rhododendron Ave intersection. At that point a pedestrian bridge could be built over the train tracks and under the interstate. The bridge would connect to the end of Prince Street or the well lit parking lot behind Trader Joe’s, PetSmart and Acme Oyster House.
See the orange recommendation rating here: https://bikebr.org/map/


Thank you for your comment and we take your route suggestion under advisement as we further develop connectivity concepts.