Method: Meeting Comment Box

Coleman Brown

Comment: 48. Why are about 20 percent of the lights on the interstate not working? Response: The City-Parish of East Baton Rouge has a maintenance contract with Entergy for the lights.


Comment: 8. How many columns are in need of repair and replacement at the present time? Response: 8. The majority of the elevated segments are scheduled to be replaced. However, there are approximately 200 columns  slated to remain. For those cases the goal would be to remove the accumulated debris, power wash them and provide […]

Coleman Brown

Comment: 48. Why are about 20 percent 0f the lights on the interstate not working? Response: 48 – DOTD maintenance personnel routinely replace non-functional lighting; it is possible that multiple bulb failures occur at the same time.

Kenri Avery

Comment: Concerned with how Washington St. exit will impact the community. Will this improvement create a more congestive issue for South Blvd., Terrace and 13th/Eddie Robinson? Response: DOTD has not studied the impacts of increased traffic on other areas.


Comment: 50. How much money has been spent on Surveys so far? Response: 50 – The current on-going survey of the I-10BR corridor is approximately $6.8M.


Comment: 6. Will there be a glass sound wall over the City Park and University lakes? Response: Sound wall design comments have been received and will be considered as the project moves into the design stage. Presently, only the eastbound side of the City Park Lakes bridges qualifies for a federally funded noise wall. A […]


Comment: Please put concrete wall on Eugene that will protect the people living on Rhododendron. Thank you! Response: The project team has analyzed the effect of a noise barrier along I-10 to reduce noise levels in the neighborhood. A noise barrier in your neighborhood does not meet FHWA and DOTD policy for Federal funding and […]

Zoe’ Howard

Comment: We would like to see the barrier walls extend from the Mississippi Bridge to the curve on East Boulevard. Increased traffic means increased noise. Response: DOTD is required to investigate the reasonableness and feasibility of reducing noise levels from I-10 for impacted residences. Our analysis indicates that a potential noise barrier on the south […]

Southside Civic Association and Carol Ann Brown

Comment: 12. Will sound barriers and other new technology be used in construction to reduce the noise from the interstate since widening the interstate will bring the cars closer to the homes and businesses in the Perkins Rd Area Response: Noise barriers are proposed to be on structure and new structure will be concrete with […]

Shawna Wiggle

Comment: Primary concern is the sound barrier, it will be impossible to use our backyard. Response: Noise barriers will be located on top of structure where they are proposed along elevated sections of I-10. The noise barrier nearest Rhododendron Avenue will be located on the westbound onramp, additionally, the ramp will be replaced with a […]